Learn Web Intelligence Report Development

Everything you need to know to start developing business-ready reports with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

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The most complete online course for learning how to develop business-ready Web Intelligence reports.

We get it. You want step-by-step details. You want actionable tips and strategies taught by seasoned professionals.

You want course exercises that reinforce topics using real-world examples and scenarios.

And you want all of this in a package that you can progress through at your own pace, and utilize as a job aid when developing reports in your own environment!

Then this course is for you.

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Learn Webi Intelligence Report Development is the best way to learn how to develop SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence reports

Okay, this course looks great! What will I be learning?

The course covers material contained in SAP's BOW310 course, and consists of a series of modules that will walk you through every step in developing business-ready Web Intelligence reports. You get hour upon hour of quality instruction, plus eighteen real-world exercises to reinforce what you're learning along the way.

You can access our course 24/7/365 through any web browser. And you'll have it forever. Purchase it once, and refer back to it as you begin developing your own reports.

Our course consists of:

  • Detailed, 1080P hd screencasts that cover all the core features of Web Intelligence
  • Eighteen course exercises that reinforce the theory with real-world scenarios
  • Exercise solution videos that you can watch if you get "stuck"

We put together a comprehensive curriculum that's geared towards getting you started quickly. And while we designed it to have a natural progression as you increase your Web Intelligence skillset, if you're adventurous you can pick and choose the modules that interest you the most.

Module 1: Getting Started

You'll learn how to use this course and get your training environment set-up. Included with our course is our training database and universe that you can use to follow along with our exercises! And if you don't have access to a Web Intelligence environment, we'll show you how to set one up for free!

Module 2: Web Intelligence Key Concepts

You'll get an overview of SAP BusinessObjects BI, learn about Web Intelligence, and see how the Universe semantic layer enables you to create reports without having to understand any of the underlying data structures.

Module 3: The SAP BusinessObjects BI Environment

You'll learn how to navigate and work with documents in the BI Launch Pad, and set your Web Intelligence preferences for the course.

Module 4: Creating your First Web Intelligence Report

You'll get introduced to the Query Panel, and create your first report!

Module 5: Filtering Data on your Report

You'll learn how to filter data for your report query, including using predefined query filters, prompting users for input, nested queries and wildcard pattern matching.

Module 6: Report Filters

You'll learn how to filter information on your reports using simple report filters, and learn how to use Input Controls to create dynamic, interactive reports.

Module 7: Creating Crosstable Reports

You'll learn how to create crosstable reports to show information across multiple dimensions.

Module 8: Working with Charts

You'll learn how to utilize charts in your Web Intelligence reports to visualize information. We'll look at all the standard chart types, as well as use maps to show geographic data.

Module 9: Organizing and Aggregating Information

You'll learn how to sort information on your reports, aggregate information with sums, averages, counts and percent contribution, create report sections to organize information, create report blocks and create filtered report tabs.

Module 10: Formatting Your Reports

You'll learn how to create dynamic report titles, how to work with headers and footers, how to format columns, cells and numbers, and how to apply conditional formatting to call attention to report outliers.

Module 11: Sharing Reports with Others

You'll learn how to publish reports, and how to export them in a variety of formats to share with others.

Module 12: End-of-Course Challenge

Take our End-of-Course Challenge, and you'll apply everything you've learned up to this point to create three reports that will test your skills. These real-world examples come complete with report specifications and mock-up sketches. Once you've completed this exercise, you've got the skills you need to create real-world, business-ready reports!

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Are you self-taught on Web Intelligence? Do you feel like you're missing out on the basics?

Are you a business user who's tired of waiting on others to create reports for you? Ready to build them yourself?

Are you brand-new to Web Intelligence, but want to make sure you learn how to do things "the right way"?

Then this course is for you.

What do I get when I enroll in the course?

Online course

Forever access to the online course - learn on your own schedule

Want to binge and go through it all at once? Go for it! Does thirty minutes at a time better fit your schedule? The choice is yours.


Real-world exercises to reinforce your learning

We reinforce our lessons with exercises that build upon what you've learned and take it to the next level. You get all 18 course exercises, complete with requirements like what you'll see on the job.

Training Environment

Everything you need to set up a training environment

We'll give you our database and Universe semantic layer files so you can follow along with our lectures and exercises in your own environment.

What makes our course the absolute best way to learn SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence?

Our learning process actually works.

We have an unfair advantage because we've been delivering SAP BusinessObjects classes for the past 17 years to thousands of students. So we know what works...and what doesn't.

Plus, we leverage our consulting experience to teach you exactly what you need to know to be successful. There's no "fluff" here...you'll put everything you learn to use right away!

Class Curriculum

  End-of-Course Challenge
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  BONUS: SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI 30-day Trial
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Developed by experienced, fresh-from-the-field BusinessObjects consultants

Altek Solutions

Altek Solutions has been a certified SAP BusinessObjects Partner for the past 17 years. Throughout that time, we've helped hundreds of organizations maximize the value of SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence through our innovative consulting and training services.

With this course, we bring all our experience to you!

Forget the old way of learning. We teach Web Intelligence by reinforcing the topics you'll use everyday, while leveraging real-world examples and exercises that you can start to apply right away!

And this is 100% Risk Free. We've got your back.

When you complete our course, we want to make sure that you're able to successfully develop business-ready Web Intelligence reports.

So we're making you a promise.

If within the first 30-days you decide that the course is not right for you, we'll give you a full 100% refund, no questions asked. Frankly, if you're not going to succeed, we don't want your money.

You take a chance on us, we'll take a chance on you. We've put a TON of work into making this the #1 way on the planet to learn SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence. All we ask is that you put in the work too.

Money Back Gurantee

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